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July 6th, 2020

Wealth Management Companies Near Me - Windsor Wealth Phone IMGIs it instant for you too?

We got sidetracked this past Monday during our Investment Committee Meeting: that is, John, Christina, and I wandered off of the agenda into a series of personal diatribes. Yes, our impatience with the world has increased. Due to, we think, the era of the PDA, Personal Digital Assistant, (remember that term?), otherwise known as an iPhone, Android, Galaxy S20, or….

Have you noticed that if it’s not as easy as an Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, or any other online transaction, you grumble? What do you mean you don’t take mobile payments or PayPal, I find myself saying – “REALLY? Even Chick-Fil-A does.” I can pay with my phone, what’s wrong with y’all.

A merchant just asked Christina for a paper copy of a receipt, BIG mistake: She went off, in her sweet way.

John, otherwise known as Lilly to his friends, chimed-in: “can you imagine using a paper, folded, map to go anywhere.” And, “In the old days to call a young lady, you had to use the PHONE BOOK, call all the last names, if you did not know her dad’s name, and then prayed the dad did not answer the phone and ask you all kinds of questions. Now you send a text say what up?”; he must be referring to his teenage boy.

Not too long ago, I purchased a car using my AMEX credit card; the seller did not know you could do that, amazing, isn’t it? And I got a slew of points too.

Impatience: we are not alone. Zero-Friction customer experience is standard fare at customer-centric Amazon. Early in their history, a V.P. of customer service, at a meeting with Jeff Bezos answered a question regarding telephone hold times as being less than a minute. Jeff Bezos called Amazon customer service while in the meeting; after almost five minutes on hold, the session did not end well: The V.P. resigned shortly after that.*

Imagine a world without your digital assistant? We’ve gotten used to easy, anything less is an irritant. We expect more from the brands we frequent. It has to be instant…, easy.

Carlos Dominguez – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Portfolio Manager, RJFS

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Photo by David Monje (my cropping)

Inspirations: Christina Jones, John Lilly III, *Blake Morgan “The Customer of The Future, 10 guiding principles for winning tomorrow’s business”





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