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1/2 Empty or 1/2 Full?

June 22nd, 2020

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How do you look at our world, your world?

Did you happen to notice what occurred right in the middle of the most recent noise and turmoil? For example, the uncertainty caused by The Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell comments, “the economy faces potentially significant long-term damage from higher unemployment and a wave of small business failures.” And, the fear caused by the misinformation regarding the COVID 2nd Wave, to the turmoil caused by rioting and destruction on big city streets: Did you happen to notice that Nasdaq Composite reached an all-time high?

A friend of mine many years ago reminded me that once it is in print, or once you’ve watched it on the telly, it’s in the past. Equity markets, investors, that is, look forward. That is why Equity markets are “Leading Indicators,” portenders of the future. To what future are equity markets hinting?

The Institute For Supply Management (ISM) provides accurate and reliable, my opinion, manufacturing (PMI), and non-manufacturing (NMI) monthly economic activity. The decline is over, it appears, based on the most recent reports. For example, “The May PMI® registered 43.1 percent… This figure indicates expansion in the overall economy after April’s contraction, ….”  May’s NMI, although showing much better percentage point gains, failed to register the threshold for economic expansion, but it is less than 3% points from doing so, up 3.6% in just one month.

Here are some selected comments from the folks in the trenches:

½ Full, I’d say – We, Americans, adapt, innovate, and serve.

Carlos Dominguez – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Portfolio Manager, RJFS

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