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Planning & Economy


Does anyone remember the dot.com bust? Does anyone remember; Webvan, Boo.com, or Worldcom? Do you remember the wild Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of the dot-com companies – companies which by going public raised millions of dollars but never showed a profit? Do you remember folks quitting their jobs to day-trade in “the market”? Does anyone… Read More


Recently I spoke with a fine lady ill with the bug-of-our time. The conversation, texting, concluded with a comment about living in strange times. If only stock prices weren’t so high…. If only we could go back to normal…. If only I had…. If only…. Often, things are not as we wish them to be.… Read More


  Inflation seems to be bounding. You’ve all heard the stories about houses selling in hours with multiple bids above asking prices. Our realtor called and tried to entice us to sell – she thought we could get double what we paid for the house as recently as 2018. A dear friend of mine, an… Read More

Financial Advisor Designations- Which Ones Matter?

I am reading an article right now and the title is What’s a Financial Planner?  As I’m reading the article, the body of the article is not what I expect, but it is prompting me to write this newsletter.  The first sentence says: “The financial advice industry has 212 reasons to be confused.”  This is… Read More

Planning for Medical Expenses in Retirement

One of the most consequential budget items retirees will have to contend with during retirement is the seemingly, ever-increasing medical costs.  But how do people prepare for the rising medical expenses that they are likely to incur during retirement?  As an Example, Year-over-year medical costs have increased anywhere from 2%-8%. That is where a Health… Read More

2021 Retirement Contribution Limits, Tax Brackets, & more

Below you will find a great resource that shows important retirement and tax information for 2021.  The document outlines the updated retirement contribution limits as well as 2021 tax brackets and other tax information that changes annually. 2021 Tax & Retirement Information     When you get a minute try out our risk discovery tool… Read More


Are fun until they pop. In the case of soapy water, you get a little wet and slippery. In the case of equity markets, we get distressed, at least while the bubble deflates. Equity markets are fun while they rise and set new records and not so much when they get a little wacky. How… Read More

Big December 2020

Everything about this year seems BIG. A pandemic. Big swings in equity markets: Down 35% from intraday high (February 19th  to the low, March 23rd ), up 70% from that low to yesterday’s (December 17th) high, HUZZAH…. Big intellects, Big money, Big pharma and Big government intersect to  provide us not one, but two vaccines… Read More


Thanksgiving just passed, “And we might remind ourselves also, that if those men setting out from Delftshaven had been daunted by the troubles they saw around them, then we could not this autumn be thankful for a fair land.” *, I hope you rejoiced as we did with giving thanks for the blessings of living… Read More

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Flying is a new experience for me. I like new challenges; aviation offers plenty. But it is the learning and the discoveries that are fun. As in all new endeavors, a guide is required. My Certified Flying Instructor has been flying for over 44 years. Yes, he has the patience of Job. A line from… Read More

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