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Planning & Economy

A New Service for Windsor Wealth Clients

We have all been there, young and adult, just starting a full-time job and not sure how to organize my finances: I remember asking – what is my first priority?

How Much Further?

Now the question we are getting is: when will this bear market end? Some pundits have suggested that the following events may act as the catalysts that mark the end of the downdraft: The mid-terms, when Republicans take a majority in Congress, when the Federal Reserve stops raising rates and inflation subsides, after we experience… Read More

Lower Taxable Income in Retirement

Taxes happen to be one of the largest expenses in retirement and taxes can increase once you start to take your required minimum distribution (RMD).  As most of you know, you have the option to distribute your RMD or up to $100,000 to qualified charities without paying the income taxes on the distribution.  A qualified charity is an organization that qualifies for tax-exempt status which are typically non-profit organizations including churches, schools, and government entities. 

Enjoying Life in Retirement

These years are said to be some of the best years as you are enjoying your time with family and have either retired or are winding down.  Hopefully you have started some new hobbies and are enjoying family time and some new friendships.  Now that you are retired, and have saved your money, there are different financial items to review and prepare.

Monthly Newsletter– Deven Patel

Welcome to the first edition of my Monthly Newsletter. I appreciate all of you for allowing me to fill your inbox with yet another thing you probably will never read. (Just kidding, hopefully.) Regardless, I wanted to provide everyone with something that I personally create every month, as opposed to a generic email or some other unoriginal newsletter type thing.

Retirement is Right Around the Corner!

There has been a lot of preparation, planning and saving to get to this point so it’s time to enjoy!  Most investors are starting to think about retirement or slowing down their career in their 60s and the big question is, what now?  To prepare for the best retirement, below are some items to consider in your 60s. 

Retirement Preparation

Investors in their 50s You’ve worked hard to put the kids through college and wondered if you would ever start to clearly see your retirement horizon. You’ve probably starting to visualize your retirement: The trips, the hikes, the projects, the family vacations and just sitting around a bit enjoying a pretty day. It is also… Read More

Prepare for Retirement and Maintain Financial Security

Investors in their 40s You made it to the 40s. And hopefully, you have spent part of your 20s and your 30s building the foundation of a solid financial path. Now it’s time to start thinking about how you will achieve your longer-term obligations, dreams, and lifestyle, such as retirement and college funding. Saving for… Read More

Continuing to Secure Your Financial Journey

Maybe you resemble this profile: You’re in your 30s and feel you have some breathing room after having paid off most of your college debt and getting settled in your career. And recently, you’ve started to think about how to be sure your financial future is on the right path. In your 20s, hopefully, you had some time to start saving towards your emergency cash cushion.

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