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Why Windsor Wealth

How do we strive to make things better every day for our clients and their families?

We have developed and refined a process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together for our clients and their families.

Our value to you lies in our group’s effort in understanding and documenting every aspect of your family’s life. We undertake this challenge through planning, “real-time planning,” not a binder that sits on the shelf. We have developed and refined a process that strives to tilt the probability of a successful outcome in your family’s favor.

  • We strive to ask the right questions
  • We never prescribe before we diagnose a problem
  • We help our clients hope for the best and plan for the worst

Unpredictability of Investment Performance
None of us knows what the future brings. We do not predict the future. We question and are leery of inflexible assumptions about the future. So, we strive to understand you and your family and as a result, develop your plan and investments for a wide range of market, economic, and life-event alternatives.

  • We do not guess.
  • We plan for the long-term and act in the short-term to help limit risk, to enhance your outcomes, to make the plan “real-time.”
  • We employ behavioral counseling, risk management, and portfolio construction to balance short-term fears with longer-term goals.

We are the product
We know we do not know everything. So, we remain open to learning, researching and developing our skills and hopefully, expand our wisdom to provide meaningful value to you and your family over your lifetimes.

    • Christina Jones, CFP®
    • Carlos Dominguez, CFP®
  • We hold ourselves to the Fiduciary Standards of the CFP Board:
    1. “Duty of Loyalty. A CFP® professional must:
      1. Place the interests of the Client above the interests of the CFP® professional and the CFP® Professional’s Firm;
      2. Avoid Conflicts of Interest, or fully disclose Material Conflicts of Interest to the Client, obtain the Client’s informed consent, and properly manage the conflict; and
      3. Act without regard to the financial or other interests of the CFP® professional, the CFP® Professional’s Firm, or any individual or entity other than the Client, which means that a CFP® professional acting under a Conflict of Interest continues to have a duty to act in the best interests of the Client and place the Client’s interests above the CFP® professional’s.
    2. Duty of Care. A CFP® professional must act with the care, skill, prudence, and diligence that a prudent professional would exercise in light of the Client’s goals, risk tolerance, objectives, and financial and personal circumstances.
    3. Duty to Follow Client Instructions. A CFP® professional must comply with all objectives, policies, restrictions, and other terms of the Engagement and all reasonable and lawful directions of the Client.” For the entire Code of Ethics please refer to: https://www.cfp.net/docs/default-source/for-cfp-pros—professional-standards-enforcement/CFP-Board-Code-and-Standards
  • We develop our own investment strategies and serve as Portfolio Managers on most of the client portfolios we construct.
  • We bring to bear external resources when necessary to counsel and provide a competency we lack.

With over 90 years of combined experience in the financial consulting industry in Gainesville, GA we are fully invested in our clients.

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