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Diminishing Health Case Study

Jennifer and Jack

Jennifer came to us amidst a challenging time for her family.  She had always been on the sidelines when it came to finances, but as her husband’s health began to decline quickly, she knew she needed to take a more hands-on approach and thus our relationship began to form.

She came from another firm that had managed her investments, but she did not have a financial plan.  She saw the account value on the statements- but did not know what that meant for her and Jack.  She was not sure what she could accomplish without destroying what they had worked so hard to build.

Jennifer knew that Jack’s rapidly declining health merited assistance but was struggling with the emotional aspect of finding someone to help care for her husband.  She was also unaware as to how this would affect their lifestyle and while she knew that her husband deserved the best care available, she was not sure how this would affect her financial future.

We took Jennifer through our financial planning process which consists of doing a deep dive into their finances.  We first started with their financial goals, which for Jennifer included the best care for Jack.  We also analyzed their investments, life insurance coverage, their retirement income, needs, and annual spending. As we began to uncover the details of their financial picture, we used our planning software to develop Jennifer’s goal-based plan allowing an increased probability of a successful outcome.

The software uses a Monte Carlo analysis that runs 1,000 different scenarios based on the greatest bull markets, the worst bear markets, and everything in between to see how their plan can withstand different market conditions.  We ran multiple different scenarios based on varying degrees of care for Jack to show Jennifer how they would affect her goal-based plan.  We wanted Jennifer to see that her plan could be successful while also giving Jack the care he needed.  After running these different analyses, she felt comfortable with the care required for her husband but had no idea where to start.

Jennifer was giving so much of herself to care for her husband, that her own health began to suffer.  After enduring a planned surgery and an unplanned stay in the hospital, we surmised Jennifer as caregiver would lead to devastation and that Jennifer needed help so that she could be her healthy, caring, and loving self again.  We began the process of researching the home health care options and assisted living options in Gainesville so that Jennifer could continue to work on getting herself better.  We knew this was a difficult transition, but imperative for both of their liveliness.

As we immersed ourselves in this process, we learned of other avenues that could be beneficial for Jack, such as the Veterans Affair.  We were able to find a VA advocate for the state of Georgia that would assist Jack and their family to see if they qualified for any extra benefits.

We presented our research to Jennifer and she took advantage of home health care, while visiting some of the assisted living options we had presented.  After visiting a couple of different facilities, she felt that she had found the best place for her husband and he moved in shortly after.

By creating a financial plan for Jennifer and her husband, they were confident in their decision to look for help and knew that their wealth could continue to provide for their lifestyle as well as the care that Jack needed.  Through our multiple in-person meetings, Jennifer was able to learn more about their financial situation and now has developed a relationship with Windsor Wealth so that she is knowledgeable about her financial situation and will continue to receive high frequency calls so that she is aware of her financial standing.  Jennifer knows she can count on Windsor Wealth so that she can continue living the life she always imagined.

The projections or other information generated by financial planning software regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.

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