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Tulips… A follow up

August 20th, 2018

At the end of last year, it seemed the world was captivated by cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular: Do you recollect the hype?

Back then I commented: “And, now Bitcoin…. Let’s see, a year ago the price for one Bitcoin was $770.41. As of this writing (Friday, December 8th @ 11 AM), the price is $15,678.38 that’s Wealth Management Firms In Georgia Near Me - Bitcoin Graph IMG 8-20-18after giving back nearly $1,500 early this morning.***

Is bitcoin worth today’s price? I’m not even sure how it should be valued. But like a tulip in the 17th century in Amsterdam, it’s worth what someone will pay for it.”

Wealth Planning In Georgia Near Me - Tulip Amsterdam Graph IMGIt’s 1637, February, you’re in Amsterdam. The Dutch Republic is at its peak of economic and financial power: Tulip prices reach an all-time high – the peak has been made, some tulip bulbs sold for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman.

Beginning in 1636 tulips were traded on the exchanges of numerous towns and cities: Many individuals grew suddenly rich. A golden bait hung temptingly out before the people, and, one after the other, they rushed to the tulip marts, like flies around a honey-pot.

Every one imagined that the passion for tulips would last for ever, ….Nobles, citizens, farmers, mechanics, seamen, footmen, maidservants, even chimney sweeps and old clotheswomen, dabbled in tulips.”** Last December the Chicago Board Options Exchange starts allowing investors to trade Bitcoin futures, sound familiar?

Wealth Management Services Near Me - Bitcoin Graph IMG 3Why would folks bid Bitcoin up and up? Human behavior; that’s why. Hoping the next person buys it from them at an even higher price – it’s not about value, it’s about greed. Remember house flipping circa 2004-07?

As I write this (8/15/18, around 11 AM) the price of Bitcoin as reported by coindesk** is $6,383.34 – down around 67% from it’s high of $19,343.04.

Tulips after all….

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Carlos Dominguez – Portfolio Manager, RJFS


*Chart courtesy of Thompson, Earl (2007), “The tulipmania: Fact or artifact?”(http://www.econ.ucla.edu/thompson/Document97.pdf) (PDF),Public Choice, 130 (1–2): 99–114, doi:10.1007/s11127-006-9074-4, retrieved 2008-08-15 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania#CITEREFThompson2007

** “The Tulipomania”, Chapter 3, in Mackay 1841

*** https://www.coindesk.com/price/

Chart courtesy of Earl Thompson, “The tulipmania: Fact or artifact”


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