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The Evolution of Longevity Planning

May 14th, 2018

I wrote a newsletter in June 2015 about women & longevity; it seems like an eternity ago when I wrote the original newsletter especially since Raymond James has so many resources to help people enjoy a sustainable quality of life while living longer. When I think of issues that come for a retiree I think of navigating the Medicare & Social Security system, the quality of health care, new medical diagnosis, safety, and housing.  Raymond James has done their research and has pioneered an entire longevity planning suite of resources available for our clients to help them through any of these issues.

Transitioning to Medicare, HealthPlanOne (HPOne)

When transitioning to Medicare there are several options to consider driven by factors including personal health, choice of doctors, where you live and your financial situation. Some of the decisions you make with your Medicare benefits can be irrevocable; to be sure you are making the right choice about your retirement health care please consider talking to a licensed agent with HPOne to discuss your options.  If you are a Windsor Wealth client you are welcome to call the HPOne dedicated Raymond James line anytime at 844-269-2646 or go the dedicated Raymond James HPOne website at www.hporetirees.com/raymondjames. I have also included a brochure with more information – please click on the link below:  https://myrjnet.rjf.com/MarketingMaterials/Marketing%20Materials/ALL/Brochures/HPOne-Raymond-James-Brochure-Press-Ready-2ways.pdf.

Transitioning to Social Security

There are several options for social security benefits and when to file. Making the right decision and knowing your options are important.  Similar to the decisions you make with Medicare, some of the decisions you need to make with social security are also irrevocable and can cost you if you don’t make the right decision the first time.  There are considerations to make such as filing a restricted application, whether you are eligible for widow benefits or divorce benefits.  Plus, what’s the benefit or disadvantage for you if you were to file early versus later?  That is why we have on retainer a social security consultant available on your behalf.  The firm is called Premier Social Security Consulting, Inc. The lead consultant, Jim Blair is a former social security administrator with 35 years of experience assisting retirees with their social security benefits.  Marc Kiner is a CPA and also has 35 years of experience in public accounting.  Our clients benefit from this service free of charge.  Please check out our page on Social Security https://windsorwealth.management/how-do-i-maximize-my-social-security-benefits/

Quality of Health Care and/or New Medical Diagnosis

When you need a second opinion, when the diagnosis is complicated, when you do not think you’re getting the quality of care you deserve, when you are concerned about putting all the pieces of your or a loved-one’s healthcare plan, we can help.

Typically, women are put in charge of caregiving to other family members. Whether you are looking for quality care for you or a family member learning more about PinnacleCare may be helpful to you.  This service is offered to Raymond James clients to help you make the correct health care decisions for you when someone is facing a health care challenge.  The Health Advisors with PinnacleCare work with M.D. and Ph.D physicians and researchers to help find the right medical professionals for your diagnosis and will assist you develop a customized treatment plan for you or your family member.  If you would like learn more about PinnacleCare please feel free to call the dedicated Raymond James phone number at 844-641-5922 or visit the dedicated Raymond James website at https://www.pinnaclecare.come/RJ-enrollment/. There is a cost for this service, but it’s only $225 a year for an individual or $395 a year for a family.  Please learn more from this brochure:  https://myrjnet.rjf.com/MarketingMaterials/Marketing%20Materials/Partner/Raymond_James_Enrollment_Flier.pdf

Safety of Assets & Credit

There has been a number of identity theft and elder abuse crimes in the last several years and Raymond James has partnered with an organization that monitors accounts and credit for unusual activity. EverSafe is a Fraud Monitoring system that uses their proprietary algorithms designed by experts in aging, fraud, identity theft, financial services and law enforcement.  EverSafe monitors financial accounts, credit cards and credit report data for anything that is considered suspicious.  If you are interested in additional monitoring, please consider using EverSafe.  There is a cost associated with EverSafe, but as a Windsor Wealth client you will receive a 20% discount when you enter RJ18 when you sign up on www.eversafe.com/rj18. The cost is below:

EverSafe Essentials:  $6 a month

EverSafe Plus:  $10.40 a month

EverSafe Gold: $18.40 a month

To learn more please click on the brochure: https://myrjnet.rjf.com/MarketingMaterials/Marketing%20Materials/ALL/Brochures/EverSafe-Brochure.pdf

Housing for Healthcare Needs

Raymond James has also partnered with a Care Management organization Broadspire. They help Raymond James clients find the best solution for housing based on their healthcare needs whether that’s an in-home solution with home modifications or finding the best care facility that meets your needs or a family member’s needs.  The care managers with Broadspire are registered nurses, vocational counselors and social workers with extensive backgrounds in long-term and elder care.  Getting your housing set-up based on your health needs as you age can substantially increase your quality of life as you age.  Broadspire can be contacted at 800-735-8898, their email is caremanagementexperts@choosebroadspire.com or please check out their website at www.broadspirecaremanagement.com. If you would like to learn more please review their brochure:  https://myrjnet.rjf.com/MarketingMaterials/Marketing%20Materials/ALL/Brochures/Broadspire-care-management.pdf

As I’ve heard from many people, getting old isn’t for sissies! But, it may be easier when you have the right professionals and advocates in your corner.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or any additional information.

Thank you for reading.
Christina Jones
Financial Planner
Partner, Windsor Wealth

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