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Life & Fun

Lilly’s Losers

October 12th, 2017

Hall County High School Football

Last week City Park was not an elephant graveyard for Gainesville! Habersham was buried alive at the last second on the night. The holy boys of GAC stopped the plunder of East Hall, with a thumping at the altar. Prince Avenue, unchristian on the night, ran up the score on Coach Gruhn’s pride of lions. The gates were hot again down in Oakwood as Lotti’s Lads beat an excellent Sardis War Birds team. The Sky Blues of Johnson once again played hard all-night but were sent to the guillotine by Buford. The Branch Boys continue to roll and bloom up big on Friday nights with a big win over Walnut Grove. Finally, we had another Men of Summer sitting up in the North Nation. The Trojans were attacked by some fierce Indians, but the mean green was able to defend the fort and send them back across the county line.

Posted by Buttermilk:

Gainesville VS Dacula

The red herd will ramble on over to Dacula to face a cast of falcons lead by my good friend Coach Tommy Jones. Big Red has their QB back and health while the Falcons are coming off a significant region win last week. The battle will be in the air and on the ground with both teams looking to surge ahead of the chase for the region crown. In the end, the giant beast will be too much for the little birds to handle.

Lilly’s Loser- Dacula

Flowery Branch VS. Loganville

The Branch will fly on over to Loganville and enter Hades to play the Red Devils in Walton County. There will be a raucous crowd on hand to give Coach Hall’s team a lot of He–, but the full bloom of red and black will cross the river Styx with confidence without paying Charon for the trip. In the end, there will be snow and ice on the field after the Branch wins again.

Lilly’s Loser- Loganville

Chestatee VS Blessed Trinity

The Catholics from Roswell will travel to Sardis for a battle with Coach Conley’s fighting birds. It has been an up and down season for the War Eagles, and this week looks to be another down week. The Pope will bless the Titans with beads and Hail Mary’s, and that will be all that is needed. The game will be over once the team crosses their hearts as they step on the field.

Lilly’s Loser- Chestatee

Johnson VS. Clarke Central

The Knights have taken a beating this year, but they just don’t give up thanks to big hearts and good coaching. They must take on another fierce foe in Clarke Central that was to sack the kingdom. Sadly, the fight will be too much, and the brave Sky Blues will fall once again in a one-sided game.

Lilly’s Loser- Johnson.

West Hall VS. Marist

The Spartans will ask  Zeus to guide them to a victory down in Atlanta at the Marist School. The rich boys who pay for school are undefeated and unchallenged so far this season. The scene will be unfamiliar to the Greeks when they see men in sports coats and women in evening gowns in the stands. Coach Lotti will have his Lads ready to play, but the bling bling of the wealthy will be too much for them to take.

Lilly’s Loser- West Hall

Lakeview Academy VS George Walton Academy

There will be a battle of the academies on Lime Stone Parkway, and the Lion’s den will not be very welcoming to the slobber dogs.  However, any school named after a signer of the Declaration of Independence should have a good pigskin team. Coach Gruhn’s gang need a good win after last week, and I think the fighting felines will be ready to play and win.

Lilly’s Loser- George Walton Academy

North Hall VS. Union County

The Blairsville boys will make another trip down the Mountain to take on the much improved Trojans. The folks in North Hall will be looking for win #3 this week, but the Yankee county will tear down the Brick Yard brick by brick on Friday night. No brick will be left standing.

Lilly’s Loser- North Hall.



College Football

The Dawgs took care of the anchor school with a bruising rushing attack from their stable of savage running backs. The best two teams in the nation are Alabama and Clemson both beat down another less team again last week. The little brother in Alabama, Auburn, is proving to be a good team and a pest in the SEC West. The big game in the big house went to Michigan State, and Miami finally got a big win over Florida State.


Posted by the Jungle Cat:

South Carolina at Tennessee

The Candy Stripers from Rocky Top had an off week to get their checkerboard realigned and send their pajama looking uniforms to the Salvation Army. Coach Butch Jones is feeling his BVD’s getting warmer after Georgia embarrassed UT two weeks ago. Also, Uncle Percy tells me that the Candy Strippers are starting a new quarterback this Saturday. Meanwhile, the head Rooster of the Gamecock hen house is also said to be finding his rooster perch getting shaky in Columbia. The Candy Strippers have more athletes.

Lilly’s Loser in a close one: South Carolina

Auburn at LSU

Head football professor Gus Malzahn has his Tigers aka Plainsmen aka War Eagles headed south to Red Stick to visit the coach who gargles with Drano, Ed Ogeron. Our football history teacher has taught us that this rivalry always is tighter than Aunt Sophie’s girdle on Sunday morning. The Bayou Kitty Cats won a tough on in Gatorville last weekend, and their offense showed signs of life. After losing to ACC bully Clemson coach Malzahn has his troops marching in the same direction. Both teams have tough defenses. Auburn has the edge with kickers and quarterback.

Lilly’s loser: LSU

Posted by the Bookkeeper:

Montezuma’s going to get some revenge this weekend when the Potato State ponies from Boise gallop into San Diego.  The Aztecs were bucked off their thrones when the teams last met in 2014. This year the tribe is ready to ride the Broncs for the full four quarters, but they shouldn’t get too cocky. Top stallion Alexander Madison is prepared to run, and the Boise defensive line is apocalyptic against the run and pass game. Still, San Diego is 6-0 on the year and has no intention to get stampeded.

Lilly’s loser: Boise.

Posted by A. D. Winston:

Georgia VS. Missouri

The Red Clay Hounds will get a visit from the Kitty Cats of Mizzu and this will not go well for the show me state. The Tigers will be shown one great defense and five great running backs. They will then be shown the exit out of the stadium with their tails tucked on the way out. This will not be pretty!

Lilly’s Loser, in a blowout, Missouri.

Lilly’s Losers is in honor of Leonard Postero who created the original Leonard’s Losers. Many fans, to this day, love the wit and humor of his football prognostications.

These musing are just for fun during the high school and NCAA football seasons.

Also, we will miss our friend Shaw Carter. He was a better man than all of us!


The team:

Buttermilk- John N. Lilly III (UGA)

Jungle Cat- JC Smith (Alabama)

The Bookkeeper- Rusty Hopkins (West Bromwich Albion)

Presbyterian Padre- Pastor Stacey Cox (Clemson

A. D. Winston (Gainesville High School)


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