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Life & Fun

Lilly’s Dawg Blog

January 16th, 2018

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me !!

I was born in 1970, so as a little guy, I would have to watch Hee Haw with my Dad, along with the Dukes of Hazzard, when I was at his house in Jonesboro Georgia. I remember a skit they would perform about all the gloom in the actor’s lives. Well, that is for sure how I feel after Georgia lost the National Championship game last week! I have a dark cloud hanging over me that is pouring gloom and despair down on me every day. I know people say “it’s just a game,” but dang, I have been a Bulldawg since my first memory of a game in 1974, and this is painful.

My parents moved to Atlanta in 1973 from West Virginia to find teaching jobs in public schools. They both attended Marshall University, and they were seniors when the terrible plan crash happened that rocked all of Huntington. So, I was a Thundering Herd fan, according to my dad, for the first few years of my life. When the family got to Atlanta, Dad wanted to find a new team, to forget the awful past, and he was set to be a Georgia Tech fan. I shudder to think what my life would be like if I grew up a Tech fan. I can’t even hold that thought for more than two seconds! However, when Dad watched the 1973 UGA VS GA. Tech game he liked Georgia better and my life as a Bulldawg began. My first memory of UGA football is the 1974 Tangerine Bowl that UGA lost to Miami of Ohio, and the first game I remember being upset about was the 1976 Cotton Bowl that UGA lost to Arkansas. So, my gloom and despair for Georgia football goes back a long way. As we all know, Georgia won the 1980 title game over Notre Dame, and I was at my Dad’s house for the game, and I cried tears of joy. We had won it all! In 1981 we lost to Pittsburg in the title game, and I cried tears of pain. We lost again to Penn State in 1982, and yes, I cried tears of despair and sulked and pouted for weeks after that loss.

Terry Hoage blocking a field goal in the 1980 Sugar Bowl won by the Georgia Bulldogs!

My favorite Bulldawg of all-time! Scott Woerner from my hometown of Jonesboro intercepting a pass in our win over Notre Dame.

My hero! Scott Woerner and me.

Dan Marino of Pittsburgh in the 1981 National Championship game. Great player and a great guy. However, I still cringe when I see him on TV!!

Penn State wins the 1982 National Championship over my Dawgs.

You know what? I am acting the same way today at 47 as I did as a 12-year kid back in 1982. I am pouting and sulking around the same exact way. I even wore a black mourning armband on Tuesday! As I see it there at two ways to look at my despair. One can say I am childish; it is just a game, and get over it. My personal favorite is “ at least they came in second and played a good game.” That is a polite thing to say, but I say it is crap. We lost. End of story. I choose to see my gloom and despair as being a fan, and that is what I am. A fan of the best school with the best colors, best traditions, best fans, and best all-around experience in the country. I am proud to be a Dawg, my blood runs red and black, and I will be a Dawg until I go to play defense for Eric Russell when I die. Yes, I am suffering and being a baby. Yes, I need to put things in perspective. But, I am  Dawg! I am a Georgia Bulldawg, and this hurts. Go Dawgs!



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