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Lilly’s Dawg Blog

October 18th, 2018

Georgia VS. LSU

Wealth Management Services - GA vs LSU IMG

LSU 39- Georgia 16

Boy was I wrong! We did not beat LSU by 14, they kicked our tails up and down the field and beat us by 20! The Tigers came out and dominated the entire game and never gave the Dawgs a chance to get back into the game. The hurry-up offense seemed to catch our defense off guard all-day, and our offense never got going down in the Bayu. I was disappointed, but we could all almost see this coming over the last few weeks. I did not destroy anything, my wife texted me and told me not to, during the game, and I took the loss as a normal adult should.  All I can say is good job and congratulations to LSU.

Wealth Management Services - Burrows IMG

Joe played a great game!

I admit that I did not think Joe Burrow was a good quarterback. I thought he would be the weak link for the Tigers, and that we could capitalize on his mistakes to win the game. Joe played an outstanding game and was a big reason UGA lost so badly. He converted four fourth day plays, had 200 yards passing, and most importantly had no interceptions. The guy is a player. You could tell the team was keying off his confidence, and he showed great leadership on the sidelines. I apologize to this young man for making disparaging comments about his ability to win big football games. Again, good job and congratulations.

Wealth Management Services - Dave Aranda IMG

Dave Aranda. His defense was outstanding.

Dave Aranda is the defensive coordinator for LSU. He is a young rising star in the SEC and on the national scene. He had our offensive guessing the entire game with the blitzing of his talented players. We never came up with any answers for what he was throwing at us. LSU seemed to get a big sack on Fromm when they needed it, and they knocked out of field goal range when we had a tiny chance of making it a game. The talking heads kept pumping Dave up all week about being a defensive genius who could shut down Georgia’s offense. Once again I made disparaging comments like “let’s see what this guy can do against the Dawgs run game?” Followed by “they just lost to a sorry Florida team. He can’t be any good.” Well, for the third team I apologize for my comments. Good job and congratulations coach Aranda on a dang good game plan.

Wealth Management Services - Bad Idea IMG

A bad idea! No need to use gimmicks!

Now we get ready to play the hated Gators. This is the game where we often try silly things like changing our uniforms. Do you remember these ugly black pants and helmets? We got our tails kicked in that game, and the silly gimmick of different uniforms did not work. I am for sure jaded by the Florida game. In recent times we have lost to them way too many times for me to ever be comfortable about a victory. Even worse, we all have to wait two weeks for the game to be played! In years past I have whined that we start the year 0-1 because we can’t beat Flordia. I hate to say it, but that is where I am now after the debacle that was the LSU game. I predict the Dawgs will lose again to the Gators. That will make my good friend and AD of Gainesville High School Adam Lindsey a happy and obnoxious man. Please prove me wrong Dawgs!

Wealth Management Services - GA vs FL IMG

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