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Archive for 2017

Taxing your mind…

We’ve all been reading about the new tax bill; one thing is for sure, many opinions about who wins and who loses have spawned depending on your political bent: We shall see. The chart below was produced by The Tax Foundation* and I believe it provides a realistic way by which we as individuals and… Read More

Your little girl just turned 18

Imagine this: She goes off to college, you get a call from her roommate notifying you that she was admitted to the local hospital with a severe case of appendicitis. You call the hospital, and to your surprise, no one can talk to you about her condition. Hello, HIPAA’s privacy rule*. To make things worse,… Read More

Tulip Mania, Again? Bitcoin Mania

I’m not sure history repeats itself, but oh boy, I think I recognize the melody. What do tulips and Bitcoin have in common? Human behavior. In my opinion. It’s 1637, February, you’re in Amsterdam. The Dutch Republic is at its peak of economic and financial power: Tulip prices reach an all-time high – the peak… Read More

Holiday E-Scams

There’s never a dull moment. The holiday season is no exception; there’s an excellent chance that someone in your family will be exposed to an E-Scam. E-Scam = email scam. So here are my top five E-Scams. Be aware there’s probably a lot more than five scams out there, but the ones I’ve selected to… Read More

Investing at an all-time high – five options

Fear & Greed. These are the tug and pull of speculation. It reminds me of the investor’s plea: “Hey make as much money as possible but don’t take any risks.” Why sure bunkie, anything for you. In all my years practicing my chosen craft one thing, maybe two, are for certain. Fear, let’s use the… Read More

Lilly’s Losers

College Football It is rivalry week! The time of year where we hate that other school and want to embarrass them on the pigskin field. This year we have some huge matchups with playoff implications.   Posted by the Jungle Cat: Alabama at Auburn Harvard-Yale, Stanford-Cal, Ohio State-Michigan and others…all great rivalries. The hum daddy… Read More

Salvator Mundi

Beauty, desirability and fine art reside in the eye and the mind of the beholder. da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, Savior of The World, just brought slightly more than $450 million at auction. Let that sink in for a minute or two…. As with U.S. Equities, this too is a new record high. Have you asked… Read More

Lilly’s Losers

Hall County High School Football It was a good night for two Hall County pigskin teams. The Norse gods were kind to the men from the East of Hall. The traveled and plundered new lands in Morgan County. Also, the soaring Falcons had to defend the nest until the last second to pull out a… Read More

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you

 I did not make it to the podium this time but some of my friends did. Susan Patterson, pictured on the left scooted past a lot of fellas this past weekend as she got to a podium finish in third place. She drove fast, hard and fair to get there and it was a delight… Read More

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